Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to identify a Software engineer?

How to identify a Software engineer?

1. He/She never bargains... No wonder things have become so costly!

2. When a cab/bus passes by and you see all the commuters in it are

sleeping like they haven't slept for years...

3. Dilbert or Calvin is their favorite cartoon...

4. Words like issues, tracker, raising requests, buzz/ping, compile,

delete [unlike erase or rub it off], onsite [n not abroad is what

'foreign land' is called] are the ones that would be used by


5. Weekends are holy words... they are like a salvation one seeks for...

6. "Wazzzup", "Hows life?", are few obvious questions one will be

greeted with which would be immediately followed by "how's work?"

7. Salaries, work etc are always better or in good shape in other

companies than the one he/she is currently in...

8. They don't send or take things... they always forward them!

9. Drinking coffee is the most pleasurable thing they think they do in

the entire day...

10. They seek a search engine in just almost everything they do... When

I forget where I have kept my things at home the first thing that comes

to my mind is "I wish there was a Google search for my room".

11. Mondays are always blue...

12. All of them will have a dream to do something in life and that

something would never be what they are doing right now...

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