Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Credit card fraud

Please find the details as follows.
On 21st September 2008, near about 1.15PM to 1.30PM, I went to Shri Seva Petrol pump. I filled around 12 liters of petrol. I have used my ICICI Debit card to make the payment. This debit card has Red colour and does not have any personal information like Name and Photo of the customer. It contains only card number.
When my turn came, there were two guys who assisted me to fill the petrol. When it was done, I took my bike aside and went to the guy who was having my Debit Card. I signed on the acknowledgement slip and handed over the slip to him. Since I was in hurry, I did not notice the card which he returned to me. This card which was given to me was similar to my card, so assuming that I got my card back, I left the place.
In the evening, I was shocked when I got an sms on my cell from ICICI bank informing me that one transaction was made of Rs.4000/- and this amount was debited from my savings account. Soon after I called the customer care and asked them to block my Debit card. By the time, it was very clear that somebody was misusing my card and was doing the transactions.
I went to ICICI Bank, SB Road Branch to know more details about this and about the customer whose card was returned to me by that petrol pump assistant. I met the guy who was belonging to that card. When I discussed with him, I got to know that the same incident has happened with him also. He was given somebody else’s card and a transaction of Rs 1500/- was made from his own Debit card.
From these incidents, it seems that someone or a group of people are deliberately replacing the debit cards and are misusing the same at the same shop. This has happened twice in last 5 days. There can be more victims which may have cheated the same way at this petrol pump.
So if you are giving your card (Debit/Credit) to any one for swiping, please confirm if you have got your own card or not.
Also please do not fill petrol at this petrol pump so that such kind of incidents will not happen forever.
Please forward this information to your friends so that they will also know the fact.